Muslim boy set on fire dies in Varanasi hospital
A major fire broke out at a fodder market in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, but caused no casualties. Image Credit: Pixabay

Cairo: A major fire broke out at a fodder market in eastern Saudi Arabia, causing no casualties, local media reported Thursday.

Wednesday’s blaze in the governorate of Hafr Al Batin gutted 20 trucks loaded with fodder in the market’s parking area, Al Youm newspaper said.

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Strong winds had fanned the fire, prompting support for firefighters who were already on the scene to prevent it from extending to other trucks, according to the report. Firefighters later managed to put out the blaze, the cause of which is still unknown.

In the aftermath, the province’s branch of the Ministry of the Environment, Water and Agriculture intensified inspection tours of fodder warehouses.

A small part of the market and some trucks were damaged by the fire, Director-General of the ministry’s branch in the Eastern Region, Amer Al Mutari, said.

He urged vendors and owners of warehouses to comply with safety standards and acquire anti-fire equipment.

A week ago, a fire also broke out at the same market amid claims by customers that the place lacks in safety measures, Al Youm said.