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Dubai: A fine of OMR1,500 will be imposed on persons who invite individuals for Eid gatherings, and OMR100 will be taken from every attendee, local media reported.

An official from the Royal Oman Police, (ROP), said: “Sending invitations for Eid gatherings will attract a fine of OMR1,500 and those attending the event will be fined OMR100.”

Earlier last week, Oman imposed a nationwide lockdown as part of efforts to combat the recent surge in coronavirus cases.

The lockdown is set to last until August 8, the Supreme Committee for Dealing with COVID-19 announced last week.

Between the hours of 7 p.m. and 6 a.m., citizens and residents will not be allowed to leave their homes.

Those who violate the curfew will be fined $260, Director General of Operations at the Royal Oman Police Brigadier Said Al Asmi told local media.

Travel between governorates has been prohibited for the duration of the lockdown, with police patrols and checkpoints set up around the country to ensure that the public comply with the new restrictions, the committee said.

All public spaces and shops will be closed during the lockdown and all gatherings will be prohibited.

Eid prayers, going to Eid markets, visiting relatives, and group Eid celebrations were banned to prevent the virus from spreading.