A recovery truck. Motorists in Abu Dhabi have been warned against using regular recovery vehicles to transport heavy equipment. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Motorists have been warned against using regular recovery vehicles to transport heavy equipment and vehicles in Abu Dhabi.

The practise poses risks to other road users and could be subject to a variety of fines, Abu Dhabi Police said.

The transportation of equipment in the correct manner is subject to a number of special regulations in Abu Dhabi:

— A special transport permit must be obtained.

— The transport activity must be carried out at night only.

— The transport vehicle must be equipped with special harnesses and devices to secure the load.

— The overall height of the vehicle and the load must be under five metres to ensure safe passage under bridges and signboards.

— The goods being transported should not protrude from the vehicle.

— The load should be secured so that it does not fall off during transportation.

— The vehicle must be balanced after the load is secured.

— The transport activity cannot be carried out in times of fog and rain.

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Fines and penalties:

Violators can be subject to one of the following penalties under the Federal Traffic Law:

— Dh500 for driving a heavy vehicle in an unsafe manner.

— Dh2,000 fine and a penalty of six traffic points for loading a heavy vehicle in a way that poses a danger to others.

— Dh3,000 fine for driving a heavy vehicle in a manner that endangers the safety of others.

— Dh300 fine and penalty of four traffic points, for using a vehicle for other than its intended purpose.