20200514 uae visa
File photo of UAE visa in a passport used for illustrative purpose only Image Credit: Gulf News archive

Abu Dhabi: The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP) has classified a group of administrative violations related to the Emirates ID card, residency services and foreigners’ affairs.

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Depending on the type of violation, fines range from Dh20 to Dh20,000, ICP said. Elaborating on the violations stated on the ICP website, a source from ICP said the fine for issuing visas or entry permits to an establishment that does not conduct any activity is Dh20,000.

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ICP has identified 14 types of violations that apply to Emirates ID, residency services, and foreigners’ affairs. These include:

3 violations worth Dh5,000

• Obstructing the work of ICP employees

• Failure to cooperate with them

• Customer’s failure to pay for ICP services rendered

Dh500 fine for 6 types of violations

• An establishment submitting details to the ICP passport officer of a person who is not a legitimate representative of the establishment.

• Submitting transactions via e-dirham which do not belong to the establishment the representative works for.

• Expiry of the representative’s card.

• Not showing the representative’s card while submitting transactions.

• Violating the work system in the service centres.

• Non-compliance with the pledge submitted by persons to the ICP.

Other fines

• If a person provides incorrect data, a fine of Dh3,000 may be imposed.

• Dh100 fine for inaccurately printing application of users

• Dh20 fine per day (with a maximum of Dh1,000) for failure to renew the Emirates ID card within 30 days from the date of its expiration.

The ICP states on its website and social media channels that there are three categories that are exempt from late fines related to the Emirates ID card:
1. An individual who left the UAE and spent more than three months outside the country, and the validity of his or her card expired after the date of their departure from the country.
2. An individual whose identity card has expired after being deported by a court order, an administrative decision, or a judicial ruling, or whose passport is seized pending cases, provided that this is proven by a letter or a receipt issued by the competent authorities that deported him or suspended the pending cases.
3. An individual who has not been issued an identity card for the period before obtaining the nationality of the UAE and before obtaining the family book.

5 million residency transactions

ICP said it completed 5,121,014 transactions to issue and renew a residence permit between January and October 2023. This figure is based on the latest available statistics for the use of electronic government services for 2023.

The Authority explained that the transactions included the issuance of 1,607,151 new residence permits, and 3,513,863 transactions for renewing a residence permit during the same period of last year 2023.