Parking lot
Using reserved parking without a permit or with an expired permit will also result in the towing of the vehicle. Image used for illustrative purpose only. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Abu Dhabi: Starting today (June 19), vehicles violating the ‘Mawaqif’ (Parking) system in Al Ain will be towed.

The Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT), represented by Abu Dhabi Mobility (AD Mobility), has activated the towing penalty for some violations.

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Violations subject to towing

Vehicles found without license plates in the parking area will be towed immediately to the impound yard in Al Ain Industrial City.

In other cases, according to the violation clause, private vehicles offered for sale, or used for commercial, advertising, or promotional purposes will be towed.

Also, using reserved parking without a permit or with an expired permit will result in towing of the vehicle.

Fines and fees
According to the website of AD Mobility, the parking tariff in the impound area is:
• Dh500 paid once to cover transport and towing fees
• Dh100 per day, starting from the date of impounding the vehicle, up to a month
• Dh500 per month for extra months afterwards until the car is freed or sold in an auction
• In case the impounded vehicle was not freed by the owner within six months, it will be transferred to be sold in the auction according to the procedures determined by DMT.

AD Mobility urged motorists in Al Ain to adhere to the Mawaqif system to avoid their vehicles being towed away. It also stressed the necessity of parking correctly in the designated spaces, not parking in prohibited places, and not obstructing the movement of other vehicles in order to maintain the flow of traffic.

AD Mobility teams are holding educational workshops to raise public awareness about the public parking management system. The authority has also launched an awareness campaign for business owners and the public about Mawaqif services and operational procedures.

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The Traffic Department in Al Ain City has reiterated its commitment to road safety by implementing strict systems to monitor and regulate traffic violations.

How to pay your fines

• Fines for parking violations in Al Ain City are paid through the (Tamm) government services website.

• Log in to the Tamm Centres website using your digital ID.

• Choose “Traffic Violations Payment” from the list of services.

Residents welcome move

Ibrahim Al Dhahli, a businessman in Al Ain, said his hometown is one most organised cities in the UAE in terms of the flow of traffic and the availability of public and private parking. He added that the traffic and municipal departments are keeping pace with any rise in the number of vehicles by expanding roads and constructing bridges and tunnels.

Ibrahim Al Dhahli

“A simple problem remains, which is the issue of organising parking lots, as some drivers violate instructions and regulations of Mawaqif. So, we are very happy to see authorities implement a system that protects other vehicles from those who violate parking regulations and cause obstruction to traffic. The penalty for towing vehicles will be a deterrent to eliminating some of the anomalies that we see in our beautiful city,” Al Dhahli said.

Another resident, Khaled Al Hammadi, who is retired, also said he was “very satisfied” with the new system as it helps prevent the congestion of vehicles in the inner areas of the city.

Khaled Al Hammadi

“The parking system in Al Ain is an advanced system that contributes to eliminating traffic congestion. However, there are some motorists who do not observe the instructions, regulations and traffic laws and leave their vehicles in undesignated places. For them, penalties such as towing must be imposed," he added.

"Authorities must also prevent them from committing such violations that cause harm to others as a result of parking in places designated for government vehicles such as ambulances and civil defence vehicles. We hope that everyone adheres to the instructions and the new procedures implemented by AD Mobility."