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RTA teams during inspection of right-of-way campaign in Dubai to ensure smooth flow for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. Image Credit: RTA

Dubai: Residents have been warned against random parking of e-scooters and cycles on footpaths or service roads blocking the right-of-way.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai advised residents to keep the right-of-way clear all the time as any violation can lead to fines.

RTA has conducted extensive inspection campaign at 698 developer sites and free zones across the city so far this year to ensure walkways and roads are not blocked.

Campaign objective

The campaign’s main objective was to monitor blocking and illegal' use of the right-of-way, ensure compliance with regulations, and guarantee the safety of road users and adherence to standards in development and free zones. Through this intensive inspection campaign, RTA aims to maintain Dubai’s civilised and aesthetic appearance and ensure the sustainability of the operational condition of roads, facilities, and pavements in development and free zones. The campaign’s main focus was to ensure pedestrians’ smooth movement and safety using the right-of-way and to prevent obstacles impacting motorists in these areas.

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Inspection visits

Basil Ibrahim Saad, Director of Right-Of-Way at the Traffic and Roads Agency of RTA stated that RTA carries out inspection visits and campaigns as part of an annual plan and in response to public complaints and feedback. “We have also cooperated and communicated with developers and free zone entities, providing them with the results of these inspection campaigns so they can take necessary corrective actions. If there is non-compliance, RTA will take the appropriate legal measures against violators.” he added.

Misuse of right of way

“The inspection teams focused on monitoring abandoned barriers and construction waste at developers’ sites where applicable. They also checked the conformity of existing project fences to approved specifications, the readiness of pedestrian walkways and crossings, and auditing billboards within developers’ areas. Additionally, they addressed issues such as random parking of scooters within the right-of-way, illegal use of the right-of-way for refuelling vehicles, greenery that affects the safety of road users, placing groundwater equipment on the right-of-way, and detecting damage on roads and facilities caused by rainwater,” added Saad.

RTA has urged development entities and free zones to follow the rules and conditions for using the right-of-way and comply with Dubai’s standards and specifications to ensure the safety of road users and smooth traffic flow in the Emirate.