Sharjah: Sharjah has announced to launch pre-booking services for animal slaughtering service during Eid Al Adha to help people avoid long queues. “For the first time, we have launched a pre-booking service for sacrificial animal slaughtering this Eid. Customers can also order home delivery of meat of their slaughtered anminals,” said Engineer Abdalla Al Shamsi, Manager, Sharjah Region Markets. He said that customers can book the service by calling 80080088.

“The sacrificial animals will be slaughtered and delivered to the customer at their door steps in collaboration with ‘Buraq.’ This arrangement will help improve the workflow and make the distribution process of the sacrificial animals more efficient and smooth, providing a convenient and flexible experience for customers to receive their sacrificial animals with ease and comfort,” he added.

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He said that Sharjah Livestock Market is preparing to welcome thousands of visitors during Eid Al Adha with a comprehensive operational plan to ensure the delivery of high-quality services. Arrangements are being done in collaboration with the Sharjah Police General Command, Sharjah Municipality, SANED Facility Management, the Department of Economic Development, the Sharjah Volunteer Center, and the Buraq app

Al Shamsi added: “This year, we have established a clear and well-studied plan to organise the entry of visitors to the livestock market. We have designated a pathway for customers heading directly to the slaughterhouse and another pathway for visitors going to the pens. We have also placed directional signs throughout the market and formed work teams to help customers. We also have doubled the number of butchers, inspectors, health supervisors, and cleaners.”

How it works

Customers are required to pay the required service fee

Sacrificial animals are transferred to designated areas inside the slaughterhouse

Customers are notified for the meat pick up after their animal is slaughtered.

Customer can also order home delivery through ‘Buraq’ delivery if they do not want to wait at the salughershouse.

Working hours

Livestock market opening hours during Eid holidays: 6am to 12 midnight

Slaughterhouse opening hours during Eid: 6am to 4pm

Slaughtering fees

Goat and sheep slaughter: Dh15

Cattle and camel slaughter: Dh25

Medium-sized cattle and camels: Dh40

Large cattle and camels: Dh70