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The winners (from left): Indian Suresh and Filipinos Dominique, Armando and Randul. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Good fortune smiled on four lucky expatriates — three Filipinos and an Indian — who shared the Dh1 million second-tier prize in the latest Mahzooz draw in Dubai. They matched five out of the six winning numbers (3, 5, 7, 20, 24 and 48) and took home Dh250,000 each.

One of the winners, Dominique, a 26-year-old Dubai resident who works in the customer service department of a private company, said it was only her third time participating in the Mahzooz draw. “I was so lucky, I won on my third attempt,” she said, adding: “I am just 26 and I am going to build my own home because of the winning. I can’t be more grateful.”

Dominique said her lucky charm was her seven-year old cousin. She said: “Before choosing the numbers, I saw my young cousin smile and I asked him to choose the numbers. Five of them turned out to be the winning numbers! After seeing the results, I rushed and kissed him, but the little one didn’t even understand the difference that his choice has made to my life!”

Dominique had promised her mum that one day, she would build their dream home in the Philippines, but never thought she would actually be able to realise her dream at such a young age.

Lebanese presenter Wissam Braidy (left) and Indian presenter Aishwarya Ajit at the latest Mahzooz draw held in Dubai last Saturday. Image Credit: Supplied

Life-changing reward

Two of Dominique’s compatriots also hit it big. For Randul, it was his second attempt at Mahzooz, which resulted in a big win. His entry in the draw was a last-minute decision. “This is truly a life-changing event that will secure the future of my family. I can’t be more grateful to Mahzooz,” said the 51-year-old Filipino expat who works for a construction company in Dubai.

Randul also believes that this win is an opportunity for him to help others. “The joy of winning is complete only when it’s shared. I will donate a part of the winnings to the needy,” Randul promised.

Another Filipino expat, Armando, 45, who works as a design engineer in a construction company, plans to invest his winnings to secure his children’s future. “I am thankful to Mahzooz for giving people an opportunity to live their dreams. I will use the winning for my kids’ education,” he said.

Indian Independence Day turns lucky

The 38th live Mahzooz draw was held last Saturday, but it was only on the following day, August 15 — India’s Independence Day — that Suresh, a 54-year-old Indian expatriate from Kerala, came to know that he had won Dh250,000 in the Mahzooz draw.

“August 15 is a memorable day for every Indian, and this year, I have another wonderful reason make the day even more special for me,” he said. Suresh, who works for an auditing firm in Kuwait, plans to use his winnings to secure his children’s future and also contribute part of his winnings to support the less-privileged in his community.

“Charity is in my blood and that’s what attracted me to Mahzooz. I will make sure that my life-changing win will also bring a ray of hope to the less fortunate,” he said. “Doing good for others is one of the most important aspects that gives a purpose to my life. I have been an active member of a local charity association for the last 14 years and I do my best to help people, without expecting anything in return. Now I feel that this is a reward that I have received for all those acts of kindness,” he added.

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How to join?

The next Mahzooz draw will be held on Saturday, August 21, at 9pm (UAE time). Entry tickets are priced at Dh35. Entrants can participate by registering on the Mahzooz website. The draw is live-streamed from the Mahzooz studio and is hosted by Lebanese presenter Wissam Braidy and Indian presenter Aishwarya Ajit.