Sanjana with her twins Kiaan and Arhaan, and her two-year-old son Kabir. She has appealed for help to bring her husband, currently stranded in Pakistan, back to Dubai. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A Dubai-based Kenyan mother of three has asked for help to bring back her husband, stranded in Pakistan, to UAE.

“Please help my twins reunite with their father stranded in Pakistan,” Sanjana made a desperate appeal while speaking to Gulf News.

Unable to cope with the pressure of raising the newborn sons, Sanjana says that she tried everything possible to bring her husband back, but failed. “I have so far applied twice on the official website to take travel permission for my husband. My first request for travel permit was rejected in April while the second request made on May 23 is still pending, she said. “I appeal to the UAE authorities concerned to allow my husband to fly back asflights have also resumed from Pakistan,” she said.

Stay-at-home mum

“I have twins that are just three months old and a two-year-old son who really need their father. I am a stay-at-home mum without a job and it is very hard to make ends meet without my husband. Babies require milk, diapers, in addition to food for the entire family, which, without my husband's presence here, is very difficult to buy,” she said.

“My twins have barely seen their father’s face. My two-year-old son cries for his father every day. Please help us. I know this is a long shot. But I am trying everything I can,” said the helpless mother.

Sanjana, who is originally from Kenya, said that she had met Hussain in Dubai and they got married in Pakistan in 2017. They have three sons, including the elder boy Kabir Ashiq who will turn two on June 22. Her three-month old twin sons are Kiaan Ashiq and Arhaan Ashiq.

Premature delivery

Her husband Ashiq Hussain, 34, travelled to Multan, Pakistan on March 11 to sell some properties in a bid to manage funds to clear the hefty hospital bills after his twin sons were born on February 18 in a Dubai hospital. “I had at least a 35-day premature delivery and that led to some complications and hefty hospital bills,” Sanjana added.

Sanjana with husband
Sanjana with her husband Ashiq Hussain and their elder son Kabir, earlier in Dubai. Image Credit: Supplied

“As my husband was still in Pakistan, coronavirus restrictions came into place and he got stranded there after international flights were suspended. Now, it has been more than three months that he has been trying to come back, in order to be reunited with his family in Dubai, but he could not do so because of travel restrictions,” she added.

Job-loss threat

Sanjana said that she feared that her husband might lose his job if he did not return this month. “His company has given him a warning that he will be terminated if he does not come back this month,” she added.

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Hussain works as a manager in a contracting company in Dubai and got his last salary in March. “My husband has not been paid for the last three months,” said Sanjana who has been borrowing money from his friends and relatives to survive.

Vaccination problem

She is also worried about the vaccination of her newborn sons. “All paperwork is on hold because we did not get birth certificates from the hospital due to non-payment of bills. I am worried about the health of my children as I cannot even get them the necessary vaccination,” she said.

Sanjana, who lives in Mirdif in Dubai, said her husband was born in the UAE and his mother is a UAE national. She said that his mother has been helping her all though, but she herself has health issues and has been under tremendous stress because of the fact that her son is still stranded in Pakistan.

Sanjana's elder son Kabir with his twin brothers Kiaan and Arhaan. Image Credit: Supplied