Darb Abu Dhabi Toll Gate
Abu Dhabi Darb road toll timing have been revised during Ramadan. Image Credit: Supplied

Road tolls apply during the holy month from Saturday to Thursday, 8am-10am and 2pm-4pm

Abu Dhabi: Starting from today, motorists will have to pay Darb road tolls in Abu Dhabi during the amended Ramadan peak hour periods.

For the holy month, the emirate’s public transport regulator, the Department of Municipalities and Transport Integrated Transport Centre (ITC), announced that the peak hours are between Saturday to Thursday, between 8am and 10am in the mornings, and from 2pm to 4pm in the afternoons.

Being aware of the peak hours is important as Darb tolls – set at Dh4 per vehicle per pass – are only charged in the capital during peak hours. This is the first Ramadan with road tolls being implemented in Abu Dhabi. The Darb tolls came into effect for the first time on January 2, 2021.

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As always, no toll will be charged on Fridays over the holy month.


In addition, certain vehicles will continue to be automatically exempt from the road tolls, including ambulances, emblem-bearing Armed Forces and Civil Defence vehicles, public buses, Abu Dhabi-registered taxis, authorize school buses, buses with capacities of 26 passengers and higher, police and Ministry of Interior vehicles, and motorcycles. Toll exemptions will also apply for residents in certain categories who have applied for them, including a single vehicle owned by an Emirati aged 60 years on older, a single vehicle owned by a retired Emirati, a vehicle used to transport an individual with special needs, and a single vehicle owned by an Emirati with limited income.

Paid parking hours

The ITC, which also manages parking fees in the emirate, has amended the paid parking hours during Ramadan as well. From today onwards, public parking is paid between 9am and 2pm during the day, and between 9pm and 2:30am in the evening. Parking will continue to be free on Mondays, and within lots surrounding mosques during prayer time, including Tarawih prayers.