More than 170 youth are currently participating in ESC’s latest summer camp being held from July 17 to August 14 Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: With the school summer break in full swing, the Emirates Science Club (ESC) in Dubai has highlighted its various activities for students to make productive use of their free time.

ESC, established in 1990 by The Cultural and Scientific Association in Al Mamzar, organises a series of onsite and virtual scientific programmes targeting a wide range of students. More than 172 youth are currently participating in ESC’s latest summer camp being held from July 17 to August 14.

The camp covers cybersecurity, electricity, electronics, 3D printing, robotics, and carpentry, among other areas of interest.

‘Love of learning’

Club member Sultan Al Zarooni said: “The love of learning and exploring what is new and modern since my childhood is my first motivation to join the club and summer its programmes. This is not the only reason – I also wanted to occupy my leisure time with what is useful to me, meet people to expand my social relations with those who share the same interests as me.”

He added: “In addition, it is helping me to get an early idea of university majors, because most of the activities I joined in were scientific, which contributed to the development my creativity.”

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Dr Eesa Al Bastaki, chairman of the ESC board, said the club’s programmes contribute to discovering talents among children and youth as they are presented in a simplified manner in line with their age group.

He added that during the summer vacation, the club offers seven onsite workshops daily, from 1pm to 8pm, and a virtual workshop about cybersecurity for those who cannot attend in person.

The number of trainees at the club from 2019 to 2021 reached 6,239. In 2020, the club won 25 international awards; 26 awards in 2021, and 10 awards in 2022.