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The Ajman skyline. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News Archives

Ajman: Ajman Criminal Court has sentenced three Arab women to three years in jail, to be followed by deportation, while two other women will be deported after they were found guilty of physically assaulting three policewomen and one policeman on duty.

The first accused is aged 20, the second is aged 15, the third is aged 43, the fourth accused is aged 19, while the fifth accused is 14 years old. The first, third and fifth accused were sentenced to three years in jail, to be followed by deportation, while the second and fourth accused will be deported.

Public Prosecution’s record indicated that all five accused had assaulted the police personnel while they were performing their duties. The accused had shouted at them, refused to show their identification cards and also refused to get into the police vehicle. Apart from the verbal abuse, they physically assaulted and kicked one of the policewomen and kicked and bit the policeman in his left forearm, injuring him.

The affected policewoman said on record during interrogation by Public Prosecution, that the incident occurred while she was on duty on a police car, accompanied by her colleagues. They police team spotted the accused walking dangerously on the road. So the police vehicle was stopped to check on the accused and the white alert lights were turned on.

The policewoman then asked the defendants: “Why are you walking in this way?” In reply, one of the accused replied: “Who are you?” The policewoman then said that she was from the police and showed her the identity card. The accused then shouted at her, saying: “I do not recognise you.”

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The policewoman then asked all the accused to show their identity cards. One of the accused then displayed a copy of her identity card on her mobile phone only, but the rest refused to cooperate and refused to show their identity cards. When the policewoman grabbed the hand of the second accused, she called out for help and the first accused kicked the policewoman on her right leg and foot. The first accused then verbally abused the policewoman and while the policeman tried to arrest the group, he was bitten on the forearm.

All the five accused were arrested and referred to Public Prosecution and later produced in court.