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The suspect was arrested by a police patrol after he tried to escape from the crime scene. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: A strong padlock prevented a thief from breaking into a Dubai shop.

According to Dubai Police, the suspect tried to steal from the shop, but he couldn’t due to a strong lock. He tried to use a circular saw, but the noise drew the attention of a resident who alerted Dubai Police.

The suspect was arrested by a police patrol after he tried to escape from the scene. Lt Colonel Rashid Al Muaini, Acting Director of the Crime Prevention Department at Dubai Police, said the suspect was arrested just after he tried breaking into a shop in the Refaa area of Dubai.

“The shop had a strong lock, following instructions from Dubai Police to use such type of locks. The suspect tried to open the small padlock with a saw, but he couldn’t,” Lt Col Al Muaini said.

“Someone heard the noise of the saw being used to break the lock and alerted the police Command Room. A patrol was dispatched to the location and the suspect was arrested while he was trying to escape,” Al Muaini added.

The suspect has been referred to Dubai Public Prosecution for further investigation.

Lt Col Al Muaini said his department worked to prevent crimes at shops in the city, particularly jewellery stores. “We have told all shop owners to put stronghold padlocks as well as instal security cameras. Normal locks can be broken easily and don’t need professional criminals.”

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He said that precautionary measures helped record zero robberies at jewellery stores in the city for three years now. “The instructions were welcomed by shop owners and merchants after we organised a demo for them to show how it is nearly impossible to break this type of locks [strong padlocks],” he added.

Lt Col Al Muaini said police officers held meetings with shop owners and merchants to raise awareness on security measures and also to listen to their problems and suggestions in order to ensure the highest level of security, safety and prevent crimes across the city.