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Fujairah: The Fujairah Court of First Instance has sentenced a 29-year-old man and a 33-year-old woman to jail for three months, to be followed by deportation, over an alleged affair.

The husband of the woman had lodged a complaint with the police, alleging that his wife had betrayed him. He claimed that he had followed the woman, who parked her car and rode in the vehicle of the 29-year-old man to a hotel where they spent time together. He was accused of punching the man four times after his wife got back into her car and returned home.

‘Falling in love’

The woman admitted to prosecution that she had met the 29 year old at a hospital. She claimed she fell in love with him and even filed for divorce to end her marriage with her husband.

Once the case was referred to court, the woman and the 29 year old denied the accusations levelled against them. The man claimed he was beaten up by the woman’s husband while he was in the parking lot of a mall, waiting for his sister to finish shopping. The woman said she occasionally availed the services of the man to move from one place to another in his vehicle and to get certain items delivered by him to her and her mother since he was her neighbour. The woman also claimed that she was living with her mother after she had filed for divorce.

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The court, however, held that the versions by the first and second defendants in court were fabricated, primarily to evade punishment. The duo was convicted under Article 212 of the Federal Criminal Procedure Code. It imposed a fine of Dh1,100 against the husband.