Al Awir Central Jail in Dubai. A Dubai-based driver has been sentenced to life in jail for raping a woman. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Dubai: A Dubai-based driver has been sentenced to life in jail for raping a woman after offering her a free ride from Dubai to Al Ain.

The Dubai Court of First Instance heard that the woman was trying to reach Al Ain early in the morning and was looking for transportation, when the defendant stopped by and offered her a free ride. The woman agreed and stepped inside the car. Thereafter, the driver parked the vehicle on the side road and sought sexual favours from the woman. When she refused, he locked the doors of the vehicle and raped her.

“I was on the main road, looking for a ride to Al Ain city. The defendant stopped the car and offered me a ride. After driving for a few kilometres, he parked on the side road and rape me,” the woman said on record. “I begged him to stop the attack, but he had locked the doors and I couldn’t escape.”

Company vehicle used in crime

Later, when she asked the driver for some water, he opened the doors and that was when she managed to escape. She stop another vehicle on the way and asked for help, the victim said.

“The driver of the second vehicle helped me report the incident to police,” she added.

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A policeman with Dubai Police said that following a complaint from the woman, a team of officers identified the defendant’s car. The defendant was employed with a company and used the company’s vehicle to commit the crime. “He was arrested and he admitted to his crime,” said the policeman on record.

The defendant was sentenced to life in jail, to be followed by deportation.