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Dubai: A road rage landed two motorists in Dubai Court of First Instance. The motorists fought with each other in the middle of the road after one of them tried to cut in front of the other to access an exit.

According to records, the motorists insulted and assaulted each other. They were slapped with a fine of Dh3,000 each.

Records showed that the two motorists tried to access an exit and later insulted each other while still seated inside their cars. They stopped their cars on the road, stepped out and pushed and punched each other before summoning Dubai Police.

Claim, counter-claim

“He suddenly swerved very close to my car and insulted me in English. He punched me in the face and pulled me by my shirt,” said one of the defendants on record.

The second defendant testified that he was beaten up and insulted verbally by the other defendant.

A medical report revealed that both the motorists sustained minor bruises.

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Dubai Public Prosecution has charged the two defendants with mutual assault and insult. The court found them both guilty and ordered the two defendants to pay a fine of Dh3,000.

They appealed the verdict, but Dubai Court of Appeals upheld the initial penalty.