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A Dubai court sentences two men to 10-year in prison on the charges of kidnapping a woman. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: Dubai Court of First Instance has sentenced two men to 10 years in jail for luring their countrywoman to a rented villa before attacking her and stealing Dh180,000 from her using her credit card for online shopping, in addition to another Dh7,000.

According to official records, the two defendants recorded an inappropriate video of the woman using their mobile phone and threatened to publish the clips on social media if she refused to give them access to her credit card.

They stole Dh7,000 and used her card to buy valuables worth Dh180,000 from a shopping app, which they then sent to various people in their home country.

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Invited for coffee

The woman said she had earlier met one of the defendants, who had invited her for a cup of coffee. She claimed that he showed up for the date, bringing the second defendant with him. She went with them in their car but they stopped in front of a villa and forced her to go inside.

“They stole Dh7,000 and forced me to give them my credit card and the passcode. They bought items for Dh180,000,” the woman said in official records.

The two defendants physically assaulted the victim and recorded her using a mobile phone. They seized her passport and threaten to publish the clips on social media platforms.

Woman escapes

However, she managed to escape after two days and reported the incident to Dubai Police. The two defendants were arrested and police found the clips on the mobile.

“The clips showed the woman and someone demanding money from her for letting her leave the place,” a policeman said in official records. The court sentenced the pair for 10 years in jail to be followed by deportation and a fine of Dh187,000.