AD online fraud
Abu Dhabi Police have warned the public of fraudulent and deceptive methods employed by fraudsters and swindlers Image Credit: ADP

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Police have warned the public of fraudulent and deceptive methods employed by fraudsters and swindlers, who are increasingly utilising sophisticated techniques to lure unsuspecting victims through misleading tactics, leading to financial losses and other forms of deception.

The deceptive tactics used by fraudsters include fraudulent calls, misleading links, and fake electronic websites sent via SMS, cleverly mimicking government institutions to deceive the public. These tactics, Abu Dhabi Police said, aim to extract sensitive information or engage individuals in fake services and inducements, posing a significant threat to the community.

Online shopping

The police advised the public to be wary of 'fake' websites and advertisements that purport to offer pets for sale or adoption in exchange for covering shipping and insurance expenses from abroad. These deceptive ads are disseminated through the internet, social networking sites, and buying and selling Apps where victims are coerced into sending funds to bank accounts created with the intent of facilitating theft and fraud or into requesting fund transfers through locally and internationally licensed exchange companies within the country.

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Fake employment

Job seekers were also urged to be vigilant and cautious regarding “fake employment” schemes. Fraudsters are reportedly exploiting the occasions of official events to create convincing but fraudulent online company pages and social media profiles, posing as legitimate recruitment firms. These scammers solicit money from job applicants under the guise of fees for employment opportunities, only for the applicants to later find out they have been duped.

Confidential information

Abu Dhabi Police called the public never to share any confidential information, such as account or card details, online banking passwords, ATM PINs, security numbers (CCV), or passwords, emphasising that legitimate bank employees will not request such information.

To combat these fraudulent methods and protect the community from their dangers, the police urge individuals to report any anonymous calls they receive asking for updates on their bank details. Reports can be made by contacting the Aman Service at No. 8002626 or sending a text message to 2828.

Abu Dhabi Police recommended activating protection programs to safeguard against harmful websites containing electronic codes designed to compromise individuals’ savings.