Ali Mohammed bin Harib Al Muhairi (centre) with his father (left) and Major General Saif Al Zari Al Shamsi, Commander-in-Chief of Sharjah Police Image Credit: X/@ShjPolice

Sharjah: A young student has been honoured by Sharjah Police for saving the life of a classmate who had accidentally swallowed a coin.

Major General Saif Al Zari Al Shamsi, Commander-in-Chief of Sharjah Police, honoured Ali Mohammed bin Harib Al Muhairi for his courageous act. The recognition ceremony took place in the Major General’s office, celebrating Ali’s quick thinking and prompt action in the critical situation at school.

The honour comes as part of Sharjah Police’s ongoing commitment to acknowledge and appreciate individuals from all walks of life who contribute positively to the community’s safety and security.

Ali in school uniform
Ali in school uniform Image Credit: Supplied

What happened?

Ali’s father told Gulf News the incident occurred at Al Qalia primary school in Al Hamriyah area last week at 10am during break time.

Ali had spotted a student from Grade 4 who appeared in distress, pointing to his mouth. Ali understood right away that the boy was suffocating.

Ali quickly went up to the boy and started pressing his abdomen, which led to the boy coughing out the stuck coin.

Ali told Gulf News: "It was my first such experience and I was very happy that I saved life of my classmate."

Ali told his family that “from today my name is ‘little savior’.”

The school administration honored Ali for his heroic action.

Teaching first aid

Ali's father, who heads the public health department in Hamriya municipality, has taken courses in first aid and taught them to all his children. The father also rescued the lives of two people – a child and an adult. – previously.

Ali's father said: "I advise all parents to teach their children first aid because it is very important and it will benefit them in life."

Presence of mind

Maj Gen Al Shamsi commended Ali for his presence of mind and prudent actions during the emergency, highlighting that such behaviour reflects a solid upbringing and education. He emphasised the importance of humanitarian duty and social responsibility, especially in unforeseen and challenging circumstances.

The young hero’s father expressed his gratitude to the Sharjah Police for recognising his son’s brave act. He highlighted the importance of social responsibility among parents, emphasising the need to instil such values in children. This, he said, is essential for creating a security-conscious society that is prepared to face various challenges.