The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: An Abu Dhabi court has ordered a motorist and his insurance company to pay Dh100,000 in compensation to a traffic accident victim who suffered significant disability.

The order was issued by the Abu Dhabi Civil Court of Appeals, which upheld the verdict issued earlier by the Civil Court of First Instance.

According to court records, the victim had filed a lawsuit against a motorist and an insurance company, demanding compensation of Dh200,000, in addition to court fees. The plaintiff had cited the physical and psychological damages he had suffered from the traffic accident, reportedly caused by the defendant motorist.

The plaintiff alleged that he had been driving on a main road when the motorist turned in without signalling, resulting in a crash that left the plaintiff with a 40 per cent disability in his upper limb. He, therefore, demanded a payout of Dh200,000 in compensation.

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When the Court of First Instance ordered Dh100,000 to be paid to the plaintiff, the plaintiff filed an appeal, claiming a greater compensation. However, this appeal was rejected and the initial compensation order of Dh100,000 was upheld by the court.