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A screengrab of Umrah pilgrims praying amid heavy rains and thunderstorms in Mecca in August this year. Inclement weather is expected to last until Tuesday in Mecca, Medina, AlUla, Jeddah, Rabigh, Khulais, Asir, Jazan, and Tabuk. Image Credit:

Dubai: Saudi Arabia has announced the suspension of classes in schools for today, Sunday, in response to heavy rains that have swept across several parts of the country.

Affected regions where classes have been suspended include Mecca, Medina, AlUla, Jeddah, Rabigh, Khulais, Asir, Jazan, and Tabuk.

To ensure continuity in education, classes will be shifted to remote learning via the Madrasati platform.

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The decision to suspend classes is primarily aimed at ensuring the safety of all individuals in light of the heavy rainfall experienced in many parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the General Administration of Education has said.

The National Centre of Metrology (NCM) issued a report forecasting moderate to heavy rain until Tuesday in most regions of the country. The NCM has advised residents to exercise caution, stay away from valleys and flood-prone areas, and adhere to the instructions provided by relevant authorities.

The Municipality of Mecca has mobilised its human resources and a wide range of equipment to deal with the wet conditions. Osama Al Zaitouni, spokesperson for the municipality, said that over 730 personnel have already initiated efforts to drain standing water and remove fallen trees following Friday’s rainfall.

Al Zaitouni reassured that there were no significant incidents recorded so far and affirmed that all teams are on alert, strategically positioned to address any challenges that may arise in the coming days, particularly in areas expecting heavier rainfall.

In Jeddah, the Governorate Municipality has elevated its state of readiness to implement a comprehensive field plan to manage the expected rainy conditions in the days ahead.

More than 3,300 men are actively involved in executing the plan.