200814 Yumn
Saudi photographer Yumn Mohammad Al Manla. Image Credit: Al Jazirah

Abu Dhabi: Saudi photographer, Yumn Mohammad Al Manla, a member of the International Federation of Photography and the American Society of Photography, won first place for best photo in the Night Photography category in the first international electronic photographic competition 2020, organised by the Arab League for Creativity and Human Sciences in Morocco.

200814 Yumn
Yumn Mohammad Al Manla's picture, 'Moment of Light' Image Credit: Al Jazirah newspaper

She won the award for the ‘Moment of Light’ photo she took at the International Equestrian Festival, which was held in the Moroccan city of Tissa in 2019, with nearly9,500 photographers from around the world participating.

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Al Manla expressed her great happiness and gratitude for representing her homeland and said without her country’s unlimited support this achievement would not have been made.

“I am glad to add this new achievement to the series of Saudi photographers’ achievements,” she said, considering herself one of the many Saudi professional photographers, who have advanced skills that can compete internationally.