Saudi city of Mecca. Image Credit: AFP

Abu Dhabi: Saudi civil defence teams in Al Qunfudhah and Al Leith, southwest of Mecca, recovered bodies of citizens who fell in water swamps in the Sabbat Al Jarah and Al Shawq centres, local media reported.

Spokesman for the Civil Defence in Mecca, Colonel Mohammad Al Qarni, said the Mecca Operations Centre received a report about a citizen who fell in a water swamp left by rain in the Sabbat Al Jara area of Al Qunfudhah city, in the Tihamah region, 360km southwest of Mecca. The citizen’s body was later found.

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The civil defence teams in the Red Sea beach town of Al Lith in Mecca also received a report about a person who drowned in rainwater in Al Shawq area, inside a farm.