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Abu Dhabi: An Arab woman was awarded Dh600,000 as compensation for injuries, material and mental damages caused to her by a reckless driver, the Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance has ruled. The woman was severely injured in a traffic accident. The court has also ruled that the driver was at fault and his insurance company should bear all the legal expenses and fees.

Ali Khalaf Al Hosani

The woman had filed a lawsuit through her lawyer, professor Ali Khalaf Al Hosani, who claimed Dh2 million as compensation for his client for causing her injuries and for her inability to live a normal life henceforth because of those injuries. The woman had suffered major fractures in her spine and neck.

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The defence lawyer submitted medical reports and the report from Abu Dhabi Police, in support of his claim that the accident had occurred as a result of negligence of the reckless driver, who hit his client’s car at a traffic signal.

The police report said the defendant was driving his four-wheel drive in a way that contravened traffic rules and was a reckless act.

The verdict said: “The court considers that responsibility for the accident rests with the defendant and that his defence is baseless. The court rejects it. Accordingly, the court rules to compensate the injured person an amount of Dh600,000.

The plaintiff had suffered multiple injuries that left her with a permanent disability and forced her to stay at home. She was earlier employed with a reputable company and with her earning she used to manage her household.

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Lawyer Al Hosani requested that the plaintiff be referred to a medical committee for further examination and an estimation of the percentage of disability suffered. The lawyer further claimed that it was not possible to redress all the physical and psychological damages that the woman had suffered.

Article 292 of the Civil Transactions Law and its amendments stipulate that “the guarantee is estimated in all cases to the extent of the damage and loss suffered by the injured, provided that this is a natural result of the harmful act”.