Rain in the UAE on July 5
Rain in the UAE on July 5, 2022. Image Credit: National Center of Meteorology

Dubai: It's raining in the UAE. According to the latest weather updates by the National Center of Meteorology (NCM), heavy to moderate rainfall has been reported over the Dubai-Al Ain road, and heavy rainfall in Al Ain.

The NCM said that rain-bearing convective clouds were monitored over the eastern coast of the UAE on Tuesday evening. "Cloud seeding flights are being conducted to maximise rainfall in the region," an NCM official told Gulf News. 

According to a weather alert by the NCM, convective clouds are expected over Al Ain till 8:30pm tonight.

Convective clouds are formed due to high surface temperatures on land causing warm humid air to rise through cooler surrounding air in the atmosphere.

The Abu Dhabi police has issued a warning to motorists, asking them to exercise caution while driving on Al Ain roads affected by rainfall and poor horizontal visibility. Drivers have also been asked to follow the change in speed limits as displayed on the electronic information boards.

The NCM also issued a warning, asking people in the eastern parts of the country, to avoid areas like wadis (valleys) which are prone to flash floods.

According to the NCM, more rain is expected across the UAE this week, especially till July 7.

"The region is affected by a low-pressure trough extending from the east, accompanied by various cloud formations. Some clouds extend over the country, especially the northern, eastern, and southeastern regions, and might be accompanied by light to moderate rain at times," the NCM said.