191110 Schoolbus
Sharjah Civil Defence helps a school bus stuck in Kalba. Image Credit: Sharjah Civil Defence

Rescue teams from Sharjah Civil Defence rescued a school bus trapped by rain water in the city of Kalba in the eastern region on Sunday morning.

The quick response averted a major disaster, with no casualties recorded.

Colonel Sami Khamis Al Naqbi, director general of Sharjah Civil Defence, said specialized teams dealt with the incident.

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Col. Al Naqbi called for people to adhere to safety guidelines during rain.

He urged residents to:

  • Only leave home to perform urgent tasks.
  • Keep children away from pools of rainwater.
  • Close windows to prevent rain from splashing into homes.
  • Switch off the kitchen fan to avoid rainwater being sucked into the system and causing an electrical fault.
  • Not go near the sea during unstable weather and not to go near valley areas that are flooded.