Hail in Fujairah, cloudy rainy weather in many parts of the UAE
Hail in Fujairah, cloudy rainy weather in many parts of the UAE Image Credit: Instagram/@storm_ae

Dubai: Hail hit parts of Sharjah on Tuesday evening. Earlier this afternoon, hail was also seen in Fujairah and heavy to moderate rainfall was reported in Al Ain, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Umm Al Quwain, according to the National Center of Meteorology.

Instagram page @storm_ae, which shares weather updates across the UAE, shared videos of hail and rain.

An NCM spokesperson told Gulf News that cloud seeding flights were dispatched after convective clouds associated with rainfall were monitored over eastern parts of the country to enhance rainfall in the region.

Some parts of the UAE experienced strong winds and dust storms, including some areas in Dubai and Sharjah. The NCM warned motorists to beware as wind, haze and dust are causing low visibility on roads across the UAE.

A safety alert was also issued against going to low valleys or wadis, and areas with high chances of flash floods due to rain.

In its daily weather forecast, the NCM had predicted that moderate southeasterly to northeasterly winds at the speed of 15 – 25, reaching 40-45 km/h at times, will blow dust across the country.

The NCM also warned that the weather will be "rather hot during daytime".

The weather in some areas espcially in the Eastern region will see cloudy weather with chances of rain on Tueday and Wednesday. According to the NCM: "During this month (may), the effect of Siberian high pressure weakens while depressions affect the area from east and west and when it is associated by extension of westerly upper air troughs the amount of clouds increase with chances of rain."