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Sultan Abdulla thankful for his gift of confidence from Dubai Police Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A 17-year old Emirati said he received a gift that built his confidence and changed his life after joining Hemaya International Centre, organised by the Dubai Police

Sultan Abdulla recently got a scuba diving licence from Dubai Police. A video showing the trainings he has undergone was tweeted by Dubai Police on Wednesday. He said: “Hemaya International Centre has created an entirely different experience for students. I was given the chance to join a diving course, which helped unleash my confidence. I also obtained a diving certificate.”

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Abdulla is now licensed to dive in international waters Image Credit: Supplied

Abdulla is now licensed to dive in international waters. He said the trainings he received inspired him to learn more and also taught him valuable lessons on marine life protection.

Learning the ropes

But it was no smooth start for Abdulla. He said in the video that he “was not enthusiastic at first” and he had some reservations.

“There was some fear at the start. Nonetheless we went through training and the instructors helped us grow our confidence,” he added.

“To overcome such challenges. We watched tutorials and attended training sessions before applying our knowledge in the pool, then in the sea. We were trained by professionals, who helped us overcome our weaknesses and enhance our skills,” Abdulla continued.


Diving instructors Zaid Ahmad and Joel Lacosta said they were happy training Abdulla and others. “They (students) showed their passion and acquired new skills like time management, self-confidence and teamwork,” the instructors noted.

Abduall added more than learning scuba diving, he was able to build his character and grow a sense of responsibility. He continued: “I advice other young people to turn their free time become more productive and to participate in Dubai Police programmes so they can learn new skills.”