(from right to left) Brothers Saif and Samir and their friend Marwan were young children when they took to music 'like a moth to a flame' Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Members of an Emirati metal band ‘Metarust’ have a dream to perform worldwide and bring international attention to the UAE as a music hub.

The trio band comprises of Emirati brothers Saif, 26, and Samir Sami, 22, and their childhood friend Marwan El-Messeery, 26, who is Egyptian.

Saif is lead singer and guitarist; Marwan is a Bass specialist and Samir is lead drummer.

The metal band produces and records all their music in-house with original music published on all streaming platforms showcasing a range in styles of metal and rock.

The trio has released eight songs till now Image Credit: Supplied

How it all started

Saif said it all began when his mother Pooja decided to enroll him for guitar lessons when he was a child. “I know many mothers in the UAE do that to introduce a skill or a hobby to their child. Dubai also is a great venue offering several courses with different price tags for their children to pursue a hobby or passion. It was the same story with my good friend Marwan as well. My little brother also joined the bandwagon soon. Before we knew it, we took to guitar and music like moth to a flame,” added Saif.

In 2009, when Saif and Marwan were just 13 and little Samir only nine years of age, the trio created their band Metarust with the aim to take their passion for music to an all-new level.

There has been no looking back.

The trio has released eight songs till now - Killing Me Psycho, Crutch City, E.G.O, Keep In Touch, Reverie, Atone, Hollow and their latest Y.B.G which hit Spotify and other platforms on July 29. “Our songs have garnered more than 4,000 streams on Spotify and thousands across other platforms,” said Marwan, who is pursuing masters in neuroscience, Kings College of London.

The band members have been performing live on stage at various events since 2009 across Global Village, Ibn Battuta Mall, local neighbourhoods, schools, universities, Pizza Express Live, Red Hot and Chili Dubai, El Barrio, TigerFest 2019, The Barcoe Studios, Aura Art Events, Lucky Voice Melody House, Lock Stock and Barrel Dubai.

Samir said: “When we got into music production, our band started to be taken more seriously. We have been able to establish an online presence since we released our first song in 2019. We are making a presence in UAE’s music scene.”

All band members said family support made it all possible for them to follow their dream Image Credit: Supplied

Rooftop studio

Saif and Samir have set up their very own studio at their home in Al Barsha. Up three flights of stairs of their villa in Barsha, the Emirati brothers have converted their roof into a recording studio.

“Our music is metal for people who are not into metal and not metal enough for people who are,” said Saif, who graduated in audio production from SAE Institute Dubai in 2018, as did his brother Samir a year later.

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Family support

Samir said the support the brothers have received from their family has been incredible.

“My parents let us dream. They let us follow our dreams. They let us make noise with our music and they have supported us all through.”

Saif added: “We are first generation musicians in our family. My grand-father retired as the Director of Second Postal Region. My father too works in a very senior position for an airlines company. So when we ventured into music it was completely new for the family. But they encouraged us and supported us all the way. They see our passion and love. My mother as well has done so much for my brother and I to get all that we need to pursue our dream. That is huge and we are so grateful for that.”

Marwan could not agree more.

“Definitely our families have been amazing. They have faith in our passion, our music and that is reflected in our growth. We just hope to make them more proud,” he said.

Saif, a sound engineer by profession, said there is a growing community of Emiratis who are into music and music production. “We have plenty opportunities available in the UAE. One has to just find their niche, work hard and grow.”