Dubai Municipality
Dubai Municipality advises residents to take permit from the municipality before making any structural changes for home décor. Image Credit: DMO

Dubai: If you are planning to make structural changes to your building unit in Dubai for home decor, you may require a permit from the Dubai Municipality.

The “self-decor permit” is applicable for building units exceeding 100sqm in size, the civic body said on Tuesday.

Taking to social media, the municipality said the permit is required for “suspended ceilings, flooring, shelves, and internal partitions.”

The civic body also described the procedures to obtain the permit via a website. Applicants need to login to Dubai Building Permits System ( Dubai BPS).

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They can apply for the service by uploading the required documents and paying the due fees. The permit can be received through Dubai Municipality’s website, the Municipality added. Making unauthorised changes and partitions to building units in Dubai is a violation that invites penalties.

Earlier, the municipality had run inspection campaigns to book violators, especially those who made unauthorised partitions to share accommodations.