190924 child abuse
Picture for illustrative purposes - fines announced for exposing children to harm Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Parents have been reminded that any form of child exploitation attracts fines of between Dh5,000 to Dh1 million with varied prison terms as per Article No.21 and 29 of Federal Law No.3 of 2016 on child rights.

The law includes the sale or attempted sale of tobacco or alcohol to children and even smoking in the presence of a child, or any other materials that pose a risk to the health of children.

Abu Dhabi Police had also warned parents earlier about video games that incite violence and crime. Police advised parents to monitor content and their online activity.

Federal Public Prosecution urged parents to maintain the child’s right to life, survival and development and provide all necessary opportunities to facilitate the same and grant him/her a free, secure and developed life.

It asserted to protect the child from all forms of neglect, exploitation and abuse and from any physical and psychological violence that exceeds the limits of the law, such as the rights of the parents and their equivalents to discipline their children.

“Raise the child in a way to adhere to his/her Islamic faith and to have pride in his/her national identity and respect for the culture of human brotherhood,” the prosecution said.

Prosecutors asked parents to raise awareness among children on their rights, obligations and duties in a society in which justice, equality, tolerance and moderation prevail.

“Raise the children on sense of morality particularly the respect of his/her and family and social surroundings,” it added.

“Spread the culture of child rights as widely as possible using appropriate means. Involve the child in the aspect of community life according to his/her age, maturity and developed abilities in order to be raised on the love of work, initiatives, legitimate earning and self-reliance,” the prosecution added.