Dubai Police encourages residents to report crimes
Dubai Police encourages residents to report crimes Image Credit: Screenshot/Dubai Police Instagram

Dubai: In a new initiative, the Dubai Police is asking residents to help them fight crime, by encouraging them to report crimes through “Police Eye”, on the Dubai Police app.

What is it?

From their official Twitter handle @DubaiPoliceHQ, the Dubai Police uploaded a 52 second clip asking residents to “collaborate with Dubai Police’s watchful eyes” and ensure “safety and security of all community members”.

The video educates residents on how they can immediately report a crime when they see one. The video asks residents not to hesitate in such a situation and report the crime through the Dubai Police smart app.

Once in the Dubai Police app, residents need to click on a button titled “Police Eye” where they can type out what they witnessed and send it to the authorities. According to the video, police “will get your report in seconds … and will respond immediately”.

The video ends with the statement “Join us in maintaining the security of Dubai”, with the Dubai Police logo shaped like an eye.

The Arabic and English versions of the video were collectively watched more than 4,000 times. The #YourSecurityOurHappiness was used to promote the video.

Do you have the Dubai police app?