(From left) Melecio, Eleanor and Umar, who won Dh100,000 each in the latest Mahzooz draw. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Pakistani driver Umar, 33, from Sharjah, could not believe the timing of his windfall. He was about to apply for a loan to help cover his 18-year-old twin brothers’ university education, when he got a call that he had won Dh100,000 from Mahzooz.

“This money arrived in the nick of time. I can now accomplish my goal of helping my brothers without any debt, all thanks to Mahzooz. I was going through such a difficult time, trying to meet all my family members’ needs. But now, I can fulfil all my loved ones’ dreams,” said Umar, who is a regular participant in the draw. He is also planning to gift his family a car with his prize money and investing the remainder to secure his two young daughters’ future.

Filipino winners

Melecio, a Filipino expatriate, also won Dh100,00 in the 68th weekly draw. He intends to use his prize money to pay for the education of his college-going daughters in the Philippines. He said: “I shouted when I saw my name on the screen during the live draw and woke up my roommates. I participate regularly and never once stopped believing that I would be a winner one day.” The 42-year-old merchandiser added: “I will send some money to my mother back home and then I’ll buy myself a gold necklace.”

Fellow Filipino national and Raffle Draw winner, Eleanor, meanwhile, found herself crying with gratitude when she found out about her win: “My sister-in-law called me in the middle of dinner. I had mixed emotions,” said the 53-year-old marketing administrative.

Topping Eleanor’s things-to-do list is settling financial obligations. She said: “I have a home loan that I need to clear. Then, I will save this money for my future grandchild — my only daughter is expecting her first baby and this money came at the perfect time.”

The 68th weekly live Mahzooz Grand Draw also saw 39 other winners sharing the Dh1 million second-tier prize, taking home Dh25,641 each.

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How to join?

The next Mahzooz live draw will be held on Saturday, March 19, at 9pm (UAE time). Participants need to register on the Mahzooz app and website and purchase a bottle of water for Dh35.