Loosing grip happens when the car hydroplanes over the road because of a layer of water Image Credit: X/@ADPoliceHQ

Abu Dhabi: Police in Abu Dhabi called on motorists on Saturday to follow road rules and tips for driving in rain, ahead of ‘unstable’ and wet weather forecast for the coming two days (Sunday and Monday).

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In a warning on social media, the Directorate of Traffic and Security Patrols of Abu Dhabi Police, urged adherence to the speed limit (which will be reduced during rain), maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles (especially with the expected drop in visibility), avoiding breaking hard, and slowing down significantly while turning to avoid sliding.

The police pointed out that driving in rainy conditions requires additional safety measures, such as ensuring tires are not old and slippery. The force also stressed the need to stay away from canyons and water reservoirs.

Tips for driving in rain

• If possible, wait until the weather improves

• Slow down

• Turn on headlights

• Use windshield wipers

• Maintain a safe distance between cars

• Avoid hard, sudden braking

• Watch out for water pools

• Let off the accelerator pedal if hydroplaning (when tires loose contact and grip with road because of water)