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Dubai: Renewing a driving licence in Dubai is now easy as you can do it by simply by entering your Emirates ID, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) tweeted today.

RTA tweeted: “Do you want to renew your driving licence easily? You can do this quickly and smoothly via our website by only entering the Emirates ID number to complete the service. #YourComfortMatters #RTA To renew the license:”

Meanwhile, RTA’s Customers Council in its 129th session discussed means of improving RTA’s driver’s licensing services.

The session was chaired by Mohammed Obaid Al Mulla, member of the Board of Executive Directors of RTA and chair of the Customer Council. Attendees included the council members, representatives from Drivers Licensing Department, directors of relevant departments, customers, driving examiners, and officials from driving training institutes.

Improving services

Mohammed Obaid Al Mulla

Al Mulla stressed on RTA’s keenness to provide the best services to achieve happiness for customers, in line with the strategy of Dubai Government, which focuses on caring for customers and improving services in a bid to raise their satisfaction and achieve RTA’s strategic objective — People Happiness.

Suggestions, observations and ideas were expressed and reviewed. Al Mulla underscored RTA’s continuous efforts to improve and innovate in providing its services by using latest technology.