191211 dubai rain
Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Dubai: The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) on Wednesday temporarily closed Marrakech Tunnel due to waterlogging on roads near Dubai International Airport.

Marrakech Street is located adjacent to the Emirates headquarters, opposite the airport.

“Due to the water ponds at the Marrakech Tunnel, the tunnel has been temporarily closed for your safety. Users of Airport Road heading to Marrakech Road are kindly advised to use alternative routes” tweeted the RTA.

Motorists travelling in the area were advised to use alternate routes of Airport Road, Nad Al Hamar Road and Rebat Street.

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Later in the day, traffic resumed back to normal after the water-logged areas were drained.  

The morning rain witnessed traffic congestions and flooding on smaller streets, which disrupted residents’ commute to work and delayed pupils from arriving at school on time.

Dubai International Airport also reported operational disruptions and water logging at the airport.

The RTA also cancelled the intercity ferry route between Dubai and Sharjah due to rough sea conditions near Sharjah.

On Wednesdays, the ferry runs every half an hour until 9am and then runs every 90 minutes until 4pm, when it again runs every half an hour.