Eid Al Fitr Eid Al Adha
Illustrative image Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court on Friday announced that Sunday, July 11, will be the first day of Dhu Al Hijjah as the new crescent has not been sighted in the Kingdom.

Accordingly, Eid Al Adha 2021 will be observed on Tuesday, July 20, as it always falls on the 10th of Dhu Al Hijjah.

Saturday, July 10, is the last day of Dhu Al Qaida.

July 19 will be Arafat Day.

Muslims performs the annual Hajj pilgrimage during the Islamic month of Dhu Al Hijjah which culminates in celebrating Eid Al Adha on the 10th day of Hajj rituals.

The country’s Supreme Court had earlier called on all Muslims throughout the kingdom to sight the crescent of the new month. The court urged anyone, who spots the crescent with the naked eye or via a telescope to inform the nearest court, register a testimony there or contact the nearest centre to assist him in reaching the nearest court.

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