Video Credit: Irish Eden R. Belleza/Gulf News

Dubai: Come rain or shine Gulf News’ newspaper distribution staff ensure that all subscribers receive their newspaper at their doorsteps daily. As a token of appreciation, Gulf News became one of the first companies to provide their delivery team of more than 300 bikers with upgraded safety gear while riding on Dubai roads. This initiative followed Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)’s announcement of new rules for Dubai delivery services and motorcyclists.

Gulf News’ distribution bikers receive safety gear
Gulf News’ distribution bikers receive safety gear Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Abdul Hamid Ahmad, CEO, Editor-in-Chief and Executive Director Publications, Gulf News, said: “When it comes to our staff’s safety, we don’t compromise. Especially our dedicated delivery staff, they do their work even when faced with daily challenges. No matter what the condition of the roads, the weather, or their health, they strive to ensure that our print subscribers receive their papers at their doorstep every day. So, in appreciation of their effort, and considering RTA’s safety guidelines, we wanted to be the first to provide our bikers with gear, which will enhance their safety. We care about our readers and about our staff as well. We know they have a tough daily job.”

While Gulf News riders always drive with safety gear like helmets, new upgraded gear will ensure additional protection. According to Potru Raju, Director-Circulation Sales and Distribution: “The RTA’s new guidelines state that all delivery personnel must have reflective jackets, gloves, knee and elbow guards for the safety of the rider. We have provided our 300-plus motorcycle riders with all the required safety equipment and they have already started using it while delivering newspaper copies early morning every day.

The delivery personnel have already started using the new safety gear while delivering Gulf News newspapers.
The delivery personnel have already started using the new safety gear while delivering Gulf News newspapers. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

“I would like to thank the RTA for bringing this rule into effect. Not only does it ensure that the riders are safe, it ensures that the delivery staff will follow the rule and wear the safety gear. Our delivery staff start work early morning, and it will really help protect them especially when riding bikes during fog, heat, or on busy roads.”

The delivery staff were excited to receive the safety gear. One of the motorcyclists Surjit Mohander, who has worked seven years with Gulf News, said: “We are very thankful to have received the safety gear. When we drive, in case we fall down for some reason, it will protect us. I am very happy that our company is providing us with these required things."

“This upgraded safety gear comes as a blessing for us, to keep us protected as we are on the roads for about four hours for delivery of newspapers,” said Senthil Kumar, another delivery staffer who has been with Gulf News for six years.

Gopal Thapa, a 46-year-old delivery person who has been working in Gulf News for nine years added: “I would like to thank my company Gulf News for keeping our safety in mind and providing our entire team with the necessary equipment. Now, RTA is also giving more importance to our safety.”

Joseph Chandra Moses, another delivery person said: “I thank RTA for this rule. I wish such a rule was implemented earlier, delivery people would have avoided getting injured in accidents if they would have been dressed in safety gear.”