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The new delivery rules Image Credit: RTA

Dubai: Fines have been announced for delivery men on motorcycles using backpacks for delivery (Dh500) and riding bikes above 100km/h in Dubai (Dh300).

The new specifications for motorbike delivery boxes, drivers’ uniforms to deliver commercial orders and rules to be obeyed by delivery companies and motorbike riders are part of the “Activity Manual for Managing and Providing Delivery Services” issued by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai on Sunday.

Safety aspects

Companies employing motorcycle riders for delivery will also be fined if they do not provide a delivery box attached to motorbike (Dh300), and a mobile phone holder (Dh300).

They are also required to provide a cooling towel, tapered pants and other protective gears for riders while failure to wear the specified uniform can attract a fine of Dh100 for drivers.

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While companies will face a fine of Dh2,000 for failure to limit the speed of delivery bikes to 100 km/h, drivers can get a fine of Dh700 for the failure to comply with the rules and regulations of traffic and roads, general safety and health during driving such as wearing protective gears (helmet, gloves, reflective jacket etc.)


  1. Failure to wear the specific uniform designed for delivery vehicle drivers or failure to maintain good appearance –Dh100, Dh150, Dh200.
  2. Drive the delivery vehicle into an opposite direction or reverse it in a dangerous way or obstruct the traffic---- Dh100, Dh150, Dh200.
  3. Drive recklessly/angrily or in a way posing threat to the public, over-speed the road speed limit or over-take a vehicle dangerously—Dh200, Dh300, Dh400
  4. Exceed the delivery vehicle speed more than 100 km/h on the roads where the speed limit is 100 or more—Dh300, Dh200, Dh400
  5. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations of traffic and roads, general safety and health during the driving such as wearing protective gears (helmet, gloves, reflective jacket)—Dh700, Dh500, permit suspended
  6. Put a box not meeting the technical requirements and specifications—Dh500, Dh700, permit suspended
  7. Escort a rider / pillion on the licensed delivery motorbike during the delivery service— Dh500, Dh700, permit suspended
  8. Use left lane of the road or failure to keep the motorbike lane—Dh500, Dh700, permit suspended
  9. Use backpack in delivering the orders—Dh500, Dh700, permit suspended
  10. Sit in an immodest or uncivilised way—Dh200, Dh200, Dh200
  11. Deliver for portal companies unlicensed by RTA or engage in delivery business with unlicensed companies—Dh5,000, suspend the establishment permit
  12. Stick ads/ materials on the delivery bikes without obtaining the RTA permit or put unauthorised stickers, logos, flags or symbols—Dh5,000
  13. Non-compliance with the service operation hours or engage in the service in prohibited hours—Dh1000, Dh2000
  14. Non-availability of safety and security equipment or requirements—Dh500 for each vehicle
  15. Failure to equip the motorbike with a delivery box in compliance with the food safety and security requirements by Dubai Municipality -- Dh500 for each vehicle.
  16. Failure to provide technical specifications for the delivery box and requirements relating to the location of installation of the box approved by the licensing agency-- Dh500 for each vehicle.
  17. Failure to limit the speed not to be exceeded 100 km/h--Dh2,000.
  18. Failure to keep the vehicle or the delivery box clean—Dh200.
  19. Failure to install/ fix the delivery box safely and securely—Dh300.
  20. Failure to provide a mobile holder on the bike, instead of holding it in hand while seeking help of the map to reach the location—Dh300

The non-availability of safety and security equipment or requirements can attract Dh500 and companies can also be fined Dh500 for putting a box not meeting the technical requirements and specifications.

Failure to equip the motorbike with a delivery box in compliance with the food safety and security requirements by Dubai Municipality will also attract a fine of Dh500.

The driver’s age should not be less than 21 years and not more than 55 years old while the motorbikes used for delivery should not be more than four years from the date of manufacturing and must have engine capacity between 100 to 200 CC.

As per the manual, the following are the major rules and fines announced for delivery services and motorcycle riders delivering goods including food items.

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The new rules specify the exact size of the boxes that can be carried by delivery bikes Image Credit: RTA

New requirements for delivery boxes

In the event that a motorbike is used for delivery, the “box” must have 50 cm length, 50 cm width, 50 cm height in maximum, so that the width of the box shall not prevent the driver’s side view.

The box must be securely attached to the rear back of the motorbike.

It should consist of rounded edges without sharp corners and not made of wood or metal.

All corners of the box must be covered with a reflective phosphorescent tape that shows the name of the company or service provider on the back side of the box (or according to the advertisement approved by the RTA).

The rear extension of the box shall not exceed the motorbike frame, provided that they are at the same level as the maximum level.

The box must be replaced with a new one with the same specifications every two years.

It must always be kept clean.

The box should comply with the food safety requirements of Dubai Municipality in the event of food delivery.

New requirements for drivers’ uniform

New requirements for drivers’ uniform include long-sleeved shirt or blouse, trousers with reflective stripes, pockets on the sides, safety shoes, gloves, winter jacket with the company logo, long tapered pants and cooling towel to reduce heat.

Long-sleeved shirt or blouse: With padded elbows to provide cushioning and protection in the event of a driver falling. If padding is not available on the shirt itself, then the driver must wear protective gear on the knees and elbows.

Requirements for delivery boy uniforms
Requirements for delivery boy uniforms Image Credit: Seyyed Llate/Gulf News | Source: RTA

Safety shoes: Must be fully covered, without visible strings. No slippers or sandals allowed.

Protective helmet: It must be durable and of high quality. It should cover the entire head. It has to bear the mark of one of the international standards: European standard ECE 22.05, or American standard FMVSS 218 DOT, or standard “SNILL” helmet.

Transparent barrier: The helmet must be completely covered. The glass (barrier) must feature one of the approved international standard brands, in order to protect the eyes from dust and objects. Scratched or inappropriate eye protectors that may limit visibility, reflect the lights when driving, especially in bright sunlight and/or dark times, are not accepted (gray and white colours).

Jackets and pants: They must be of high quality and conform to one of the following international standards: EN ISO 20471: 2013 (Europe / ISO) ANSI / ISEA 107-2015 (USA) AS / NZS 4602.1: 2011 (Australia)

Gloves: They are necessary to reduce the vibration of the motorbike in the driver’s hands. They provide the required protection and flexibility for the hands.

Long tapered pants: Should not be wide-legged. Made of material that reduces the impact of high temperature.

Cooling towel: Used to reduce the effect of sweating in high temperature