The pile-up occurred due to heavy fog Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: One person died and eight others were injured in a 19-vehicle collision in Abu Dhabi this morning.

The collision occurred this morning when heavy fog had reduced horizontal visibility, the Abu Dhabi Police have announced.

The multiple automobile collision involved both light and heavy vehicles, and occurred in the Maqatara area on a road leading to Al Mafraq. According to the Police, the accident occurred due to a lack of attention to road conditions, and a failure to maintain safe distances from other vehicles when fog had reduced visibility.

The victim who died was Asian. Others sustained light to moderate injuries.

Drive safely

The Abu Dhabi Police have called upon motorists to be particularly cautious when driving during a fog, and to pay full attention to the road. In order to ensure the safety of all road users, they must also keep pace with traffic updates on air, and through messages on variable messaging signs on the road, in order to adhere to applicable speed limits.

Earlier this week, the Police announced that the speed limit is reduced to 80 kilometres per hour during the fog, and that it was notifying motorists via SMS and variable message road signs. It also urged motorists to check their vehicles, and to maintain safe distances from surrounding vehicles.