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Dubai Police's timely intervention helped avert an untoward situation and the mentally-disturbed man was admitted to a psychiatric clinic for treatment. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A man with mental disorder threatened to commit suicide and blow up his Dubai villa with a gas cylinder. Brigadier Saeed Bin Sulaiman, Director of Al Rashidiya Police Station, led a team of police officers to the house to control the situation after the man’s wife had called the police for help.

The man was found inside the house, holding a gas cylinder and a lighter.

“He was nervous and threatened to blow up the house. He was burning fabric sheets and threw them at the policemen. He was even throwing perfume bottles on the police patrol,” Brig Bin Sulaiman said.

His wife told the police that she was at work when her housemaid called and informed her about a dispute with her husband. The wife asked the housemaid to move the children to the neighbours before calling Dubai police for help. “His wife told us that her Arab husband was jobless for a long time and had a mental problem for which he had previously undergone treatment,” Brig Bin Sulaiman added.

After two-hours of negotiation, a team of policemen managed to calm down the man and bring the situation under control. “A policeman approached the man and closed the gas cylinder.”

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Dubai Police took the man to the police station for legal action before admitting him in a psychiatric clinic for treatment.