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Abu Dhabi: The Federal Supreme Court has sentenced a GCC national to 15 years in jail and asked him to pay Dh200,000 in blood money for strangling his wife to death using a headscarf (ghutra) in November 2014, Gulf News has learnt.

A resident of Fujairah, the man is alleged to have had a violent scuffle with his wife over the custody of their daughter, following which he strangled her.

The woman is said to have to called her husband asking him to hand over their daughter, who lived in his house. The husband apparently asked her to come to his house. When she went there, he told her to take custody of their daughter through the court.

Meanwhile, the woman is said to have entered the bedroom to gather her clothes, jewellery and passport. When she exited the room, she allegedly pulled the hand of her daughter so forcefully that she screamed.

When the father heard this, he allegedly held his wife by his neck and pushed her on the floor, while consoling his daughter.

The Federal Supreme Court records indicate that the man called his wife to come home hoping to reconcile and resolve their differences. In the course of the fight, the woman angrily threw a jewellery box at her husband’s face and started abusing him.

According to records, the man then stood up and pushed her to the ground, sat on her back locking her hands and pressed his knee on her neck. The woman then started bleeding from the nose.

The man allegedly kept pressing his knee on her neck for about 15 minutes, as per the Federal Supreme Court’s documents.

He then allegedly took a Ghutra (headscarf) and strangled her to death and stood up only after making sure that she died.

After killing her, the man stepped out of his room and went to his mother’s room and informed that he killed his wife. Later, he surrendered himself to the Dibba police station, according to court documents.

The First Instance Court of Fujairah sentenced the man to life imprisonment and asked him to pay Dh100,000 as blood money. The accused appealed against the decision, demanding to commute the jail term.

The Fujairah Appeal Court overturned the previous court’s rulings and sentenced him to 15 years with court fees.

Public Prosecution and the appellant went to the Federal Supreme Court, which transferred the case to the Fujairah Federal Appeal Court, which upheld its previous decision of 15 years jail term and implemented Sharia diya (Islamic blood money) of Dh100,000 for wife’s relatives and court fees.

Later, the Public Prosecution appealed to the Cassation Court demanding to increase the value of blood money to Dh200,000 as per sharia laws. The court adjusted the value of the blood money in accordance with the sharia rules.