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Dubai: An Indian national living in Saudi Arabia is the latest winner of the Dubai Duty Free draw held on Tuesday, December 10.

Sakeer Hussain Srambikkal, working as a supervisor for a company in Damman, became the latest person to win $1 million (Dh3.67 million) at the DDF Millennium Millionaire promotion. His winning ticket number, 3464, was picked from the series 317. The draw was held at the Al Maktoum International Airport.

Srambikka, 46, works as a supervisor for Middle East Airline in Dammam. He could not believe he had just won a million dollars when the organisers contacted him.

“What a great way to start my day,” Srambikkal told DDF organisers.

According to DDF, Srambikkal got lucky the second time around with the win. “It was my second ticket in the million-dollar promotion and I am so thankful to Dubai Duty Free for this amazing win”, he said.

More winners

Three Finest Surprise draws were conducted directly after the Millennium Millionaire was announced, and each of them walked away with a stylish motorbike each.

Deepak Gunasekaran, a 29-year-old Indian expat from Dubai won a Moto Guzzi VY Racer (Racer) in Series 388 with ticket number 0889.

He is a yoga instructor and resident of Dubai for the last four years. He [Gunasekaran] purchased two tickets online for Series 388 and was equally delighted on hearing the good news.

“I’ve been participating in Dubai Duty Free promotions for a year now and winning it for the first time was a surreal experience. Dubai Duty Free is changing many people’s lives and I’m very lucky that I am one of them.”

Another winner is Razia Sultana Siddiqui Hakimullah, a Pakistani national based in Sharjah, who won an Aprilla Tuono RR (Nero) in Series 389 with ticket number 0415 that her son bought under her name.

“I’ve been living in the UAE for 40 years and was fortunate for the opportunity this country has given me and my family. To win something from Dubai Duty Free is one of them, so thank you so much.”

Another winner to take home a Motto Guzzi California (Nero Gentleman) is Vijaya Lakshmi, a 42 year old Indian national from Sharjah who won in Series 390 with ticket number 0049.

Lakshmi and her family are regular participants to Dubai Duty Free’s Finest Surprise promotions for around 15 years now and are all very happy and thankful that their perseverance has paid off.

A resident of Dubai for twenty-five years, Lakshmi works as a head of partnership for You Got a Gift – an online mall for gift cards.

“I’ve been trying my luck for a long time, but I guess luck is not on my side, so I wanted to let go but my husband has persuaded not to give up. Good thing I listened to him. Thank you for this win.”

The draw on Tuesday was conducted by Dubai Duty Free officials Colm McLoughlin, Executive Vice Chairman & CEO; Ramesh Cidambi, COO; Salah Tahlak, Executive Vice President – Corporate Services; Sinead El Sibai, SVP – Marketing; Bernard Creed, SVP – Finance; Saba Tahir, SVP – Purchasing; Mona Al Ali, SVP – HR; Michael Schmidt, SVP – Retail Support; Sharon Beecham, VP - Purchasing; and Zayed Al Shebli, VP – Loss Prevention and Corporate Security.