The building
The building from which the girl fell to her death. Image Credit: Aghaddir Ali/Gulf News

Sharjah: A 14-year-old Indian girl, one of the twin daughters of a Keralite couple, died after falling from their apartment building in Sharjah in the early hours of Sunday, Sharjah Police told Gulf News.

Sharjah Police woke up the sleeping parents of the girl, identified as S.P, after they were alerted about the incident.

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An official said the police are investigating if the incident reported from a high-rise building in Sharjah’s Al Taawun area was a case of suicide.

On being alerted about the incident, police and paramedics reached the scene after midnight to find that the girl had suffered serious injuries from the fall, the police official said.

He said she was transferred to the hospital around 2.35am, but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Sharjah Police are investigating what could have led to the incident, while prosecutors have ordered for an examination to be carried out on the girl’s body in the forensic lab.

Meanwhile, a church in Sharjah offered condolences over the death of the child, who happened to be the daughter of one of its members.

In a message sent out to the community, the church expressed heartfelt condolences and prayers to comfort the members of the bereaved family.

Church sources told Gulf News that the girl, a grade 10 student of an Ajman school, is one of twin daughters.

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“She had gone to bed as usual. The family does not seem to be aware of any issues that might have been disturbing. In fact, the parents were woken up from sleep by the police and that is when they got to know about the tragedy,” said a vicar.

He said the family lives on the third floor of the building.

He said the fall might have resulted in serious injuries and death because she had fallen on the interlocked pavement.

Police said they had summoned the parents for questioning.

Buhairah Police are investigating the incident.

According to sources, the incident occurred around 12.30am on Sunday.

The watchman was on his rounds when he spotted the girl who had fallen from an upper floor’s balcony.

He was shocked to see the body lying on the ground and immediately called the police on 999.

After the police reached the spot, their investigation led them to identify that it was a girl who stayed with her family on the third floor.

The 24-storey building consists of five parking levels and one floor for offices after which the residential apartments begin. So the girl had, in effect, fallen from the ninth floor of the building.

Eye witnesses said police then went to the apartment of the family who were asleep.

When police asked the father where his children were, he said they were asleep. However, on checking, they found that only one of the twins was in the bed.

The parents were then taken down the building to identify the body.

Eyewitnesses said the mother was in shock and denial.

Non-identical twins

A friend of the girl’s father told Gulf News the entire family, their relatives and friends were shocked and devastated after the tragedy.

“The twin daughters were not identical. Everyone is in shock and heartbroken and not in a position to talk.”

He said the family was not aware of any problems that the girl faced. “That is why everyone is shocked and can’t believe this. All of us want to know how this happened. Her teachers visited the family today. She did not have any issues related to studies also,” the family friend said.

However, he said the family said that the girl had slept in the hall on Saturday night.

“She usually sleeps with her sister. But I don’t know why she slept in the hall that night.”

The parents are cooperating with the investigation and awaiting legal procedures for repatriating the body of the girl to Kerala, he added.