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Dubai: Dubai Police forensic experts have successfully used DNA profiling to match the fingerprints of several suspects in a murder case.

According to First Lieutenant Mohammed Khalid Al Rahma, Assistant Expert in the Biology and DNA Section at the General Department of Forensics and Criminology, Dubai Police, DNA profiling was used to determine the identity of a specific DNA sample.

Dubai Police’s forensic sciences experts identified the suspects in a murder that happened last year, in spite of the fact that very faint traces of fingerprints were found at the crime scene.

“Sometimes, fingerprint samples are not enough to identify a suspect or suspects. DNA is often found at crime scenes. The first step in DNA profiling is to procure relevant DNA samples from the crime scene,” Al Rahma said. “Only a small number of cells from a person’s skin or the root of a hair strand or from body fluids is needed to build a unique DNA profile, which significantly aids investigations.”

'Touch DNA'

He said that Dubai Police use a forensic method called ‘Touch DNA’, also known as ‘Trace DNA’, which aids the investigating officers in cracking cases where very small biological samples are left at the crime scene.

“This involves recovering cells from the scene, then using a process called polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to make lots of copies of the genes,” he added.

Al Rahma, who holds a master’s degree with merit in DNA profiling from the University of Central Lancashire in the United Kingdom, has conducted various benchmark studies and comparisons and analysed the best international practices regarding analysing and collecting biological samples and evidence from crime scenes.

He has also participated in three international conferences and delivered lectures on forensic evidence and DNA applications, in addition to contributing four specialised papers in forensic science.

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Meanwhile, Lt Col Dr Rashid Al Ghafri, Director of the Dubai Police International Centre for Forensics and Chairman of Dubai Police Scholars Council, said that Dubai Police play a pivotal role in empowering young people in various scientific fields.

“Dubai Police are keen to empower the youth, help them develop their skills and encourage them to complete their careers in scientific studies by sponsoring their studies inside as well as outside the UAE,” Lt Col Al Ghafri said.