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Sharjah Charity International has come to the aid of two siblings after their parents landed in jail. Photo for illustrative purpose only. Image Credit:

Sharjah: In the cycle of life, stories are written and rewritten: About a child whose parents were snatched by death; an elderly person, a patient, who couldn’t afford his treatment; a poor person unable to provide for his daily sustenance; and one who had tasted the bitterness of having to stay behind bars.

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Only those who have been through it know what it is like to be in such a harrowing situation. On the flip side, we have these real-life heroes and charitable organisations who make every effort to bring in some relief and spread the cheer among the less fortunate. Sharjah Charity International has come to the aid of two siblings after their parents landed in jail.

The father was put behind bars at the Punitive and Rehabilitation Establishment before the children were forever deprived of the tenderness of their mother who passed away, plunging the two children into immense suffering.

Asaad Al Zarouni, head of the internal aid department at the Sharjah Charitable Society, shared with Gulf News the details of their saga. “Through a philanthropist, the association was informed about the details of the two children’s condition. After conducting a field study and some social research on them, it was found that after the death of their mother, the children were moved to their grandmother’s house, even as their father continued to be in jail.

The association then allocated for them a monthly financial assistance to enable them to provide for their livelihood. The association continued to sponsor the two children and provide them with monthly assistance.

Sharjah Charity International has now arranged for a monthly stipend to be paid to the two children.

Al Zarouni said the association continues to assist these two siblings, to cover all aspects of their life and health care, and also providing academic sponsorship for the girl who is on the verge of starting her secondary school. Her brother has completed his studies and is now looking for a suitable job opportunity.