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Dubai: An Emirati contestant was awarded Dh1 million as the winner of the ‘21st Fazza Championship for Youlah’ on Friday at Global Village, Dubai.

The winner Mohammad Abdullah Bin Dalmook, was conferred Grand Knight of Meydan in the championship. He showed mastery of Emirati traditional sports, including horse and camel riding, Saktoun rifle shooting and Youlah. He was awarded the Fazza Gold Cup and also took home the grand prize of Dh1 million. He bested Mohammad Salem Bin Daghash Al Ameri, who finished as this year’s first runner-up.

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The event was held in the presence of Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum.

Youlah, the annual competition promoting UAE’s cultural heritage sport, is organised by the Hamdan Bin Mohammad Heritage Centre (HHC). This year, the Yuweels (competitors), aside from spinning the rifle and tossing it in the air, were also tested in horse and camel riding, Saktoun rifle shooting, and traditional poetry.

Toughest competition

Bin Dalmook, who has been competing in the past editions of the championship, said: “This year’s edition was the toughest so far. But the key to my victory was my focus and determination. I set my sight to win from the first day of the qualifiers until the final round. I’ve put so much effort and practised hard to improve my skills in other traditional sports, not just Youlah. And it was really a very happy and indescribable moment to final lift the championship trophy.”

Bin Dalmook showed his dominance in the final round by scoring 60 points and excelling in saktoun rifle shooting as well as horse and camel riding, while Al Ameri finished with 10 points.

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Everyone is a winner

Al Ameri was not disappointed finishing in second place. He said being a runner-up was already a victory as everyone is a winner at the competition. “By participating in Youlah, you are already a winner because we are all like brothers and we participate together in one spirit. I congratulate the champion and I always look forward to winning the Fazza Golden Cup in the future,” he added. Meanwhile, Obaid Al Nuaimi was awarded as a Distinguished Yuweel in the competition.

Intangible cultural heritage

Nathalie Awadissian, chairman of the organising committee of the championship and HHC Director of Radio Stations Department, Media and Corporate Communication, thanked all the participants and the public for their support. She added: “All participants have shown great desire to learn all aspects related to UAE heritage sport. This is a positive sign that the Emirati culture will be passed on to the largest possible number of future generations.”

Celebs on stage

During the Youlah episode, the renowned Emirati singers Hussein Al Jissmi, Ahlam and Eidha Al Minhali celebrated the grand finale on Al Meydan Fort stage with selected songs dedicated to the rulers of Dubai.