Young girl is watching sunset over Tokyo in Odaiba. Image Credit: Agency

Here are the some of the things I would do if I could be a student over again.

I would...

Let go of the fear of being me.

Strive to be more confident and never hesitate to raise my hand to give an answer nor be scared to give a wrong one.

Ignore all the petty and negative judgments and opinion given by people who don’t know a thing about me and embrace my flaws as I was always meant to.

Enjoy life as it is and cease to take my friends for granted.

Spend more quality time with my friends who no longer live in the country. (I would talk, hang out and chat with them every day as it were the last day I would see them. I miss them terribly, and I wish I could truly turn back time)

Grab every opportunity like a drowning person grabs a log of wood floating by.

Cherish each day by writing a journal, wanting to relive that beautiful day over and over again.

Take time from my busy schedule of studying and completing homework to give time for painting, sports and other such activities. Value my health over my comfort zone and exercise every day instead of sitting on the couch forever.

Throw my phone along with other distractions out of my balcony and create an actual (peaceful) living space for myself.

Sit on the couch with my sister and instead of fighting, discuss with her countless things from science to marvel movies.

All I need is for scientists to develop a time machine anytime soon.