Tug of war on school camping day. Image Credit: GEMS Millennium School

I am the kind of student who enjoys spending time with classmates more than going for an outing. In fact, my dream holiday would be a weekend spent with my classmates in school. Thanks to reading [Enid Blyton’s] Famous Five adventures, I kept dreaming of camping with school mates. It seemed to be the most enjoyable of all outings.

In February, my dream came true. One fine morning, we were invited to spend a day in school. I was ecstatic; the letter felt like a Hogwart’s invitation. I started to pack my bags right away.

On the morning of the camping day at school, I woke up bleary eyed as all through the previous night, I had barely slept reminiscing about the fun and adevnture I had at a camp in my 2nd grade. Of course, I was too young to enjoy it to the fullest then, but this time, I was determined to make the most of it.

We reached school and at sharp 9am, left the campus for Zabeel Park. In the fresh morning air, we played games and walked around the park. By noon, exhausted we started back for school, tucking into snacks on the school bus.

Back in school, we had our lunch and trooped on to the playfield and sweated it out in games such as tug of war, treasure hunt, football and basketball.

Games over, it was time for evening snacks and a trip to the auditorium for our next round of fun – cultural activities.

Students danced, sang to music mash-ups, showcased their talent in musical instruments and spoke gibberish just to have fun. It was a lively evening to say the least.

Then came dinner and post-meal, we headed to the auditorium, unpacked our sleeping bags and lay back to watch ‘Johnny English Strikes Again’ and ‘Avengers Infinity Wars’. It was about 5am when we finally called it a ‘night’.

An hour of deep sleep, and it was time to get up, brush our teeth and get ready for breakfast.

At 8am, it was time to head home.

But not without a deep yearning to return to more such camping adventures.