Little girl assembling a robot Image Credit: Agency

Mwah-ha-ha [evil maniac laugh].

Just kidding [Maybe].

Robots: Immensely ingenious scraps of technology cobbled into one humanoid that could easily tear down your kitchen and bring an end to your once in a month waffle breakfast-torture?

Intimidating they are but they are also incredibly useful.

If I could build a robot, I would use it as my PR (Personal Reminder). This is because I am quite unorganised and tend to forget …a lot. Therefore, I would program the robot to remember important events and dates, also assisting me in prioritising; from organising my messy table to sorting out my homework. No more unbelievable excuses for not doing the latter.

Now that I think about it, these tasks don’t require artificial intelligence.

But seriously, globally, about 263 million children are out of school. 263 million children without the great privilege we take for granted. Put into simple words - school.

On second thoughts, if I ever build a robot, I would donate it to all those little children who don’t have as many opportunities as us. Who knows, that single robot could bring down that colossal number and turn many minds into influencers of tomorrow, breaking barriers between the literate and illiterate, the poor and rich.

To conclude, one robot can change the world.